• Melksham Shed

    A friendly group of men of a certain age who love to work in wood and other materials and meet at the shed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings between 9:30-12:00

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    Goings On in the Shed



    Another great social by The Shedders

    Food will be as usual – please bring what you can but remember we need variety – salads, rolls, meat, sauces, napkins, DESERTS !!!! As the bar will be open I think we can dispense with drinks which will help all round.

    Shed Opening Times

    Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings 9:30am -12:00pm

    Melksham Shed is open now 3 days a week - Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings. Watch this space for Wood turning session on Thursday. Yes, we are flying!! Well, not literally!!


    Open for business - the New Shed goes live

    Congrats to all the shedders for a wonderful day! We had lots of lovely food provided by our better halves. Pete and Ken No 2 did a glorious job on the BBQ and we had good weather to boot! Over 40 people came to see the Mayor of Melksham cut the Police tape ( a crime must have been committed at the shed!). The New Shed is live and operational. Long live the shed


    Owen Morse Brown Hatblocks

    On Wednesday 19th January members of the shed visited a local craftsman who explained the nature of his business to make bespoke hatblocks of numerous kinds and sizes. "Brilliant!" "Never knew this happened here so near to Melksham" were some of the comments

    2016 AGM

    A year of slow and steady progress

    The Shedders (as we refer to ourselves) have been focusing on funding and the new shed as our numbers increase the space in the shed decreases!

  • What's new at The Shed 2018

    Take a look at our new path!

    New Workbench Layout

    Makes for more efficient ways of working.


    Hive of activity on a range of community and personal projects

  • Who we are?

    Voluntary Group

    Helping our members, helping our community

    We are entirely self-supporting group. relying on donations that we get from our members and grants we apply for. Members can join for a small annual fee. We meet monthly at The Forrester's Arms, Calne Rd,. Melksham on the last Thursday of the month for planning and a social. But the main work takes place down at the Shed!

    UK Men's Shed

    Affiliated to a national organisation

    We are part of a larger movement across the UK. For more information click on Learn More The Shed Movement began in Australia and has spread across the world to us here in the UK. For short video about the Australian Men's Shed click on Gallery

  • What We Do



    We acquire a range of tools in order to enable our group members to work on their projects


    Melksham Shed is a community space

    Members meet to talk and chat. Learn new skills and make new friends. Even share a joke a two!


    Melksham Shed is a community space

    We make bespoke objects that benefit the community.

  • Who can join?

    Anyone over 50, unemployed or retired


    Ex Factory Worker

    Joe has become redundant later in life and wants to be needed in some way. His social life has suddenly disappeared. He comes to the shed and finds new friends, new skills and a purpose in life


    Ex-Computer Technician ​

    John has worked for a well known company for 14 years and he is retired. He has skills and wants to share them with a group of men of a similar age. He comes to the shed and also finds new friends and shares his skills

  • Events

    in and around the Shed

    LATHE DAY – next one is am 26th July for those already part of that group. Bernard will be attending. Any queries come back to me or BobT.


    28th September 2018 when we hopefully will be able to go to Crofton Beam Engine for the fire-up of the engine.

  • Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and projects we have been involved in

    You can apply via this site and we will get back to you. Due to a slight error in an email address you may not have been getting through to us. Many apologies for that! Please don't give up on us and try again - especially if you have not heard from us! Hopefully we will be more efficient in the...
    July 16, 2018
    we have completed the project of a kitchen unit top and new electric plug at Buryfields Village Hall. We have completed four of the Spa Garage’s planters which have needed a refurb – I think we have four more to do ! We completed the Emergency Exit gates for the Community Centre (and ourselves!)....
  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Men in the shed

    Men in the Shed

    Here we all are making things!

    Why Men's Sheds are so important?

    Listen to this video from Australia Men's Sheds

    What we get up to!

    A time to reminisce, laugh and joke as well as work on projects together or independently

    Official Opening 6.9.17

    Chris and the Lord Mayor perform the ceremony with the Town Cryer!

    Official Opening 6.9.17

    Chris and the Lord Mayor perform the ceremony with the Town Cryer!

    Bovington Tank Museum Trp

    Shedders had a day out looking at tanks!

    Bovington Tank Museum Trp

    Shedders had a day out looking at tanks!

    Bovington Tank Museum Trp

    Shedders had a day out looking at tanks!

    Our new path

    For our wheelchair shedders to use

    Busy time at the shed today!

    Our new bench arrangement makes a difference to our working

    Can be a bit noisy in the shed at times

    Ear defenders are useful ,eh?

    Conversation corner

    Just setting up our "sit and chat area" Maybe a coffee machine and a jacuzzi next!

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    Melksham Shed meets every Monday , Wednesday and Friday between 9:30am - 12:00am noon at the Forest Community Centre , Melksham SN12 7FF

    sn12 7 FF
    9:30-12:30 noon
    01225 920400
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